Thursday, September 27, 2007

Miroslav Cukovic

Vinyl Letters, Bus Stop
(Located on bus stops just north and south of this intersection respectively, along Woodward)

“…what I see here is only valid for a brief instant, I will see something else soon, something else unexpected that I could never guess. Thus this interstitial geography offers me surprises and discoveries of a kind of scaled down journey, a pool of space will in a moment take on the appearance of an isthmus, of a peninsula of emptiness. I am aware that it is the movements of my body that are producing and destroying this landscape of transparencies, a bit like a passenger on a train who sees trees and horses darting past, sees hills bending away, by my own speed, however weak it may be, I form and deform these particles of emptiness, these holes, these hollows, it is a game of construction that I develop without accessories, simply through being here or there…”

Paul Virilio
Negative Horizons

Miroslav Cukovic

The Yugoslavian native is a recent graduate of CCS and has shown widely.

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