Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pat Duff, Ron Watters, Nicole Jenkins

The Real Detroit Project (Part 1 The New Detroit Flag; Part 2 Bruised But Not Broken; Part 3 Detroit Positive Images)
Plexiglass, Fabric

The History of Detroit –
We explored “Positive Images” in sports, entertainment, architecture, and the culture of Detroit.

The Focus of the Future –

We focused on the dreams and hopes of the children of Detroit.

The Passion that Symbolizes our City –
Out of the fire of the riots we found a passion for the renewal of a “New Detroit”.

The Environment in which we live –
Our focus was on what was “Bruised But Not Broken” in the city of Detroit.

The New Detroit Flag: The first panel is The D meaning the history and pride of the city. The second element in our project is the future section. This section represents kids, hope, opportunity and potential. The third element has to do with the environment, which encompasses nature, green, and life. The fourth and final element rest with passion, these include zeal and spirit. The center focus point acts as a reminder that all elements are connected. Each project shares the same center axis

Ron Watters, Founder of SCIDE, was born and raised in Detroit. He studied at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design, and in 2001 received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Industrial Design. Watters currently splits his time between Detroit and Chicago where he designs furniture, clocks and other specialty items for the home. Ron finds it inspirational to give back to the community through his designs and artistic skill sets.

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