Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gary Schwartz

Animated Film/Zoetrope

(Sound Design by David Gazdowicz & Andrew Fagen of SANDWICHSEAT.COM)

HCDJ is a short animated film I made in response to Judge Augustus Woodward’s 200th Anniversary. I came to Detroit taking up the education gauntlet at the College for Creative Studies as a Professor in the Animation & Digital Media Department. I moved to this unique city after spending a quarter century in another fabled and notorious city, the city of the Angels, Los Angeles.

My early experiences here (4 years ago) in Detroit include getting very lost in a city with at best out-of-date, missing, questionable and vague signage. Those biographical elements spill over into the persona of Judge Augustus Woodward, getting lost in the city he himself designed, and then leaving for greener pastures.


Recycling the wooden walk-cycle puppets from the animated video, HCDJ, Judge Woodward gets re-purposed as a zoetrope. Always moving forward & never getting anywhere. Is this progress?

Gary Schwartz is an award-winning animator, director, artist filmmaker & educator. Mr. Schwartz has conducted intensive hands-on animation workshops in elementary, middle, high school, under-graduate, graduate, post graduate, professional training, film festivals, museums, summer art camps, community centers, prisons & psychiatric hospitals in the United States & the world. Through his company, Single Frame Films, Gary has produced, designed and directed animation for Disney, Sesame Street, MTV, Fox Television, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and others.

Mr. Schwartz is currently Associate Professor in the Animation & Digital Media Department of the College for Creative Studies.

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